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Fantastic Trans-Siberian Memories

We arrived in Beijing on August 28 2017 for the start of our 15 day Trans-Siberian adventure. We had a couple of days in Beijing with organised tours & also some free time. We hadn’t been before so it was all new to us. The Great Wall was a must see & Tian Anmen Square. The train from Beijing is very basic make sure that you have plenty of bottled water with you to start your journey as we sat in our carriage for a long time & we gave some of our water away to those in need. Ulan-Bataar is beautiful & the night in the Ger was a great experience. I can not fault any of the tours. The Imperial Russia train was fantastic. Our friends had a VIP carriage & we had the next level down from that. They had an ensuite & a larger bottom bunk. We had 1 set of bunks & shared a shower with the cabin beside us. There was a toilet at each end of the carriage. The food was the same for all passengers & plenty of it. If you are travelling with a partner or friend someone has to sleep on the top bunk. It was a huge challenge for a lot of the older people. I would suggest either the VIP cabin or a separate cabin if you can’t climb. In all we had the most amazing holiday & I only wish we had more time in Moscow. Pitman