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Moscow – Vladivostok

It was my first time in Russia and I enjoyed the trip so much, I want to come back!!! The staff on board are smiley and helpful at all times. All of the food was delicious but sometimes two meals in a restaurant in one day was too much food. We ate in some amazing places with fantastic views and got to try lots of local/Russian specialtices/delicacies. Very good quality but I might have to go on a diet now!! All of the guides were knowledgeable and friendly. A special mention for Irina who was fantastic and got the trip off to a good start. Perfect, couldn’t have asked for better («your tour leader») It makes sense to split people into language groups for tours but at meal times, it might have been nice to mingle more and chat to other people. I loved all of it and the team and organizers did such a good job of looking after us. Thank you! I’d be interested to know what other trips you organize... Rachel Chappel

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