From Moscow to Beijing in the year of the 100th anniversary of Trans-Siberian Railway

From Moscow to Beijing in the year of the 100th anniversary of Trans-Siberian Railway

Yesterday at 7.40 pm luxury “Imperial Russia” train left Moscow for Beijing. This year the tour is dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the Trans-Siberian Railway project was completed.

“Imperial Russia” is an exclusive offer that is very popular with foreign tourists. It is an all-inclusive journey that lasts many days. During the day train passengers visit the sights along the Trans-Siberian Railway and at night they rest in luxurious carriages.

Passengers can choose between VIP, first class or first class plus carriages. Compartment is for two people.

Travellers will enjoy elaborate tour program aimed at presenting the foreigners a holistic view of Russia. In Moscow the tour includes an excursion to Kremlin, Arbat walk and trips to several metro stations. In Kazan tourists can take part in a culinary master class “The secrets of Tatar cuisine” and enjoy sightseeing of reconstructed historical center.

Yekaterinburg program is dedicated to the Romanov family, Novosibirsk can impress the guests with the reconstructed building of opera and ballet and Irkutsk will be remembered by the Decembrists Museum and a walk along the Angara waterfront.

By the famous Listvyanka village foreigners can swim in the world’s deepest lake and enjoy the view from “Kamen Cherskogo” viewpoint. After a visit to Baykal Museum and excursion in the village tourists will have a dinner picnic on the riverside.

The following days guests can visit Ivolginsky datsan and a traditional Buryat yurt in Ulan-Ude, spend a night in Mongol yurt in the Gorkhi Terelj National Park, enjoy a tour of the famous Buddhist Gandan monastery in Ulaanbaatar and experience the main sights of a vibrant capital of China.

The journey lasts 15 days and finishes on 4 September. 29 August — 12 September is a return trip from Beijing to Moscow.

Total number of passengers from different countries is 55. The train consists of eight carriages — three VIP, two — first class plus, one — first class as well as a dining carriage and a bar carriage.