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Diane Garske («Императорская Россия», Владивосток – Москва)

Hi, just a note to say thank you for a fantastic trip! It was truly a trip of a lifetime. The train, the people we met, the excursions, the Russian people! et cetera — - - Wow! Ilona, one of our wonderful cabin attendants, was crying when we left. We were too. She SO went over and above her assigned duties. I can’t say enough about how well she pampered us. a couple of things please: you might tell your customers to prepare for long days off the train. I’m so glad everyone could walk well because we walked miles and miles. Not everyone is able to do that. I was really tired but of course didn’t want to miss anything. I think my highlight was the lunch and experience at Ulan-Ude which i was expecting. I really wanted to go into Mongolia, and this was the closest we could get. My biggest surprise was Kazan. I had no idea of Kazan, and it was totally fantastic. It’s in Russia, but i felt like being in one of the «Stans.» Wow! Alexa and I stayed an extra day in Moscow, took a boat ride on the Moscow river — and went back into the subways. :) We navigated 5 subway stations and got great pictures. On every train the wonderful people got up and gave us old ladies a seat. Courtesy that we certainly don’t see that often. Thank you once again for a fantastic trip. Diane Garske

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