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A Spectacular Trip of a Lifetime — Moscow to Beijing on the IMPERIAL RUSSIA TRAIN — Transsiberian Railroad

We spent a long time researching, planning and booking this trip of a lifetime. We were not disappointed. The decision to book directly with the Russian Railways tour operator (RZD) was clearly a great approach. We were working with the actual Tour Director, Nataliya, who was so helpful in answer about 50 questions in very prompt email replies. A jewel of a person and a great staff to care for everyone one the trip. A most spectacular experience from start to finish. First Class hotels, excellent bus transportation and wonderful, interesting,educational,informative excursions in every city. The fascinating overnight stay in the Gir ( yurt) camp in Mongolia and the family visit there. We had Excellent, spacious train accommodations, excellent and ample meals on board and off the train during excursions. This trip and the marvelous and beautiful dining car, bar car and compartments offer a feeling of classic luxury and comfort from a bygone era. With over 100 folks on board Nataliya and her staff made each of us feel like we were special participants in a «small group tour». The fact that there were separate guides for each language group made this a very smooth and well organized experience for all of us. The attention from the staff including an attending physician was superb. The violin concert on board and the staff lectures were excellent. It was elegant from start to finish. We feel so lucky to have had this wonderful experience. John Moore

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