Social steam train tour for disable children

29 June 2017

A very unusual event took place in Rostov-on -Don on 28 May 2017. It was a social steam train tour for disable children. The tour was for 3,5 hours and included steam train trip, excursion and entertainment program in the railway engineering museum and on the way. The event was arranged by Russian Railway Tours in co-operation with Rostov regional noncommercial organization of families bringing up disable children and orphaned children. The social steam train tour was dedicated to the International Day of Children protection.

The participation in the steam train tour gave the opportunity for the children to experience new impressions and positive emotions, to spend time with their friends in an unusual situation. Young travelers had a chance to feel the atmosphere of the last century.

The participants of the tour went to Gnilovskaya station by a real steam train of the 20th century where railway engineering museum was situated. The children could see a lot of unique objects of steam trains, locomotives, rail motor cars, railway handcars existing in a single copy. The exposition consists of both historical and modern models. The tour was led by an experienced guide who was telling stories about railway technics and history of railway transport development to the children and adults. Besides the tour a very interesting entertainment program with a facilitator, games and presents were prepared for small travelers. 56 kids participated in the social event.