Train passengers can save money buying non-refundable tickets

25 March 2015

The Russian Railroad can adopt the best practices from airlines and start selling cheap non-refundable train tickets. The Speaker of the Russian State Duma Mr. Naryshkin says that this innovation will be profitable for passengers as it gives a choice to them and makes it more convenient for both clients and the Railroad. Draft plan for the law which allows to decrease prices for long-distance trains at non-refundable tickets cost was presented to the Russian State Duma by the Government. Prorated amendments are supposed to be made in the Articles of the Railroad.

The innovation will be profitable for passengers who plan their trip long time in advance as the so called non-refundable tickets are always cheaper than the usual ones. A new segment of affordable tickets will attract different passengers.

According to the draft plan non-refundable tickets cannot be suddenly run out of and seats on trains will be available for any tariff.

The most important thing is that passengers will be able to return non-refundable tickets and refund the money back only for some external reasons like sickness of a passenger or accident. These cases must me proved by appropriate documents. Money can also be refunded in case of trains delay or cancellation.

The Federal Passenger Company announced that non-refundable tickets in second and first class compartments could be 50% cheaper that the usual ones which meant that these tickets would be almost of the same price as refundable tickets in third class.

It will be very profitable for passengers who can plan their trips long time in advance.