Speed up investment

1 April 2015

Speed up investment

The Russian Railroad invited tenders for the project of high speed railroad from Moscow to Kazan in the middle of March. The length of the route is 770 km and it covers 7 regions with 25 million people living there. The project includes 15 stops on the way in cities like Vladimir, Nizhni Novgorod and Cheboksary. The average number of passengers in the first several years of the road operation is supposed to be about 10,5 million people.

The road construction will be finished in 2018. The Russian Railroad plans to find concession participants for building three parts of the road (from Vladimir to Nizhni Novgorod, from Nizhni Novgorod to Cheboksary and from Cheborsary to Kazan) and build the part from Moscow to Vladimir self-dependent.

The President of the Russian Railway is sure that a lot of Russian and foreign companies which have experience in high speed railroads engineering and building will participate in the tender.

Many foreign companies were interested in the tender even before it was announced. During the preliminary road show project the Russian Railroad had negotiations with more than 100 different companies from 20 countries. It is very probable though that Chinese partners will make the engineering. It is also possible that high speed railroad will be prolonged until Beijing.