Festive occasion for German railway employees

1 September 2015

Festive occasion for German railway employees

Russian Railway Tours arranged the transportation on the route Behringersmuhle – Prague – Brest – Moscow – Irkutsk – Port Baikal – Irkutsk – Moscow for German railway employees and transport constructors from 29 August until 11 September 2015. As a part of this project a festive occasion was arranged in the Museum of Moscow Railway on 31 August.

The representatives of German Museum of Frankonsk Railway gave a symbolic signboard with the name of the project (B&B, Behringersmühle & Baikal) and with information about the route as a present to the Moscow Railway Museum.

After the official part of the event the guests from Germany had a chance to visit the exhibition complex of the Russian Railway and see the models and muck-ups of the most interesting objects of the railway starting from the first locomotives up to the modern stocks. The gusts also visited renovated train yard “Podmoskovnaya” and tasted an omelet with cured pork fat cooked on a shovel in a locomotive furnace.

The main goal of B&B project is to demonstrate the international tourism potential. According to the organizers’ idea the trip which includes the journey on the old Baikal Circum railroad using a steam train should become a starting point for a regular trip for tourists from Germany.

In order to promote the destination some operators from German TV channel SWR Fernsehen took the trip and would make a film from the series “railway romance” in Germany.