Dining Car


All dining cars, usual for long-distance trains, are equipped with dining rooms, a bar for retail sales, kitchen, audio/video broadcasting, inter-car communications system and air conditioning.

Interiors of dining cars are made from environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials.

Upon the request of the customer, the train may include dining cars of improved layout, of “Luxury” and “Premium” class, stylized into various epochs.

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1 – tambour 6 – salon
2 – toilet 7 – storage room
3 – washrooms department 8 – washing compartment
4 – corridor 9 – kitchen
5 – boiler room 10 – bar

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For any enquiries or booking requests please contact our manager. Tel.: +7 (499) 704-35-53 E-mail: info@rzdtour.com.

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Please note there shall be several modifications of sleeping and dining cars in different styles to be used for our tours. You will find pictures of some of the cars on our website.