Saloon Car


Saloon car is a comfortable means of transportation for business people. It combines all the features of a 5-star hotel and an office at the same time.

Usually saloon car is taken by lease for group journeys by 3-5 people. A spacious room, containing a desk with a chair, a wardrobe for outdoor clothes and personal items and a double bed are provided for a “first person”. Personal lavatory is equipped with hydro massage shower booth, a wash-hand table, a vacuum toilet and under-floor heating.

In different specifications the saloon car can be equipped with a conference room or with an additional compartment for accompanying persons.

Photo Gallery


1 – tambour 8 – four berths compartment
2 – boiler room 9 – two berths compartment
3 – toilet 10 – WC and shower room
4 – staff cabin 11 – VIP compartment
5 – staff compartment 12 – salon
6 – corridor 13 – storage room
7 – kitchen

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Please note there shall be several modifications of sleeping and dining cars in different styles to be used for our tours. You will find pictures of some of the cars on our website.