Temple car is designed to conduct Orthodox worships on both passage and at the stops. This car has everything that is necessary to be in a common church: altar, iconostasis, a small bell hanging on the ceiling. A unique painting can be... More details →
It is a single space, which can be equipped in accordance with the objectives of the trip. It can be used for banquets, business meetings and conferences. Maximum capacity is 64 people.
A unique car with a music saloon, divided into two functional areas: an area with comfortable armchairs and a restaurant area with a dance floor, equipped with the piano. The bar car is ideal for cocktail parties, theme parties, holiday events.
All dining cars, usual for long-distance trains, are equipped with dining rooms, a bar for retail sales, kitchen, audio/video broadcasting, inter-car communications system and air conditioning. Interiors of dining cars are made from environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials. Upon the request of... More details →
Third-class passenger car consists of 9 four-passenger open type berth compartments and 18 lateral seats. Maximum capacity is 54 passengers. Both the compartments and the lateral seats have a folding table, shelves for belongings as well as a space for luggage storage... More details →
The cars, mostly used in trains on international routes to European countries. In each car there are 10 closed type compartments. Each compartment contains 3 berths placed vertically one above the other, as well as a chair and a sink. These cars... More details →
Second class carriage is for 36 passengers and consists of 9 enclosed compartments. Each compartment is equipped with folding table, a shelf and two spaces for luggage under lower berths. The carriage has two bathrooms with a toilet and a wash basin,... More details →
The first-class car consists of 9 closed-type compartments, designed for 18 seats. All the berths are the lower ones. Each compartment has a table, a shelf for belongings storage and two luggage cupboards under the berths. Most cars are equipped with TVs.
Saloon car is a comfortable means of transportation for business people. It combines all the features of a 5-star hotel and an office at the same time. Usually saloon car is taken by lease for group journeys by 3-5 people. A spacious... More details →
This car, depending on the specification, contains from 4 to 6 compartments. There are two berths in every compartment: a sofa that transforms into a semi-double bed 120 cm wide, and the upper berth of width of 90 cm, a chair and... More details →