All in all was brilliant and I can’t speak highly enough of the whole experience. My thanks go to Eva in Beijing, Anna, Svetlana, Elvira aboard the train. Also the manager of the campus in Mongolia. The places we stayed were wonderful — from the luxury of the hotel in Beijing, the camp in Mongolia and the train. All staff in the train was... More details →

10 September 2016

Generally very good. All very kind to give us a good understanding of their cities. Vera was the outstanding guide, she understood the needs of tourists. Boat rides were good. Concerts, especially violin were excellent. Lake Baikal and barbeque were excellent. “Imperial Russia” train is a chance to see how big Russia is with such a variety of scenery and people. The extras such... More details →

5 August 2016

Staff is very obliging and always willing to help. Food was good. Entertainment was good. Some of the tour guides were very knowledgeable. Punctuality!

3 August 2016

A wonderful trip, excellent itinerary, beautiful scenery, excellent service on train. Tatiana solved any problems that came up. Gave strong support throughout. All local guides very knowledgeable and most were good presenters. Deluxe room was very nice, we loved it.  Moscow hotel room was great. “Imperial Russia” train arrivals in all cities were 100% on time. That was very impressive! All staff was very... More details →

26 July 2016