Moscow – Vladivostok, May 10 – 23

31 Mai 2018

Молодец! Чудесно! Замечательно!
Food on board and in the cities was amazing! Sometimes there was too much to eat when we had lunch and supper in a city.
All of the guides were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They really looked after us at all times and were all perfect.
It would’ve been nice to have more free time in the cities. Also, it is a shame that the group remained segregated in language, as sometimes it would’ve been nice to talk to other people during meals.
Being in such a small group was a definite bonus. The care, attention and professionalism of all the Trans-Siberian team and all our guides were this unforgettable. Огромное спасибо!
Trans-Siberian in winter…..Murmansk….

Alexander Summerfield