Trans-Siberian trips 2017

13 Mai 2016

Trans-Siberian trips 2017

Russian Railway Tours has started sale for Trans-Siberian trips for 2017. Our popular routes Moscow – Vladivostok and Vladivostok – Moscow which give a chance to cross the whole Russia from the West to the East and to hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by will be operated in July – August.

The trip from Moscow to Beijing and from Beijing to Moscow will operate during the most comfortable time of the year – August – September. Tourists will be amazed by the beauty of the Indian summer, its colors, warmth and sunshine. Visiting 3 countries which are so different from each other, tasting their food, learning their traditions, meeting people make the trip unforgettable.

For travelers who do not have two weeks for a trip the company offers a shorter route Moscow – Ulan-Bator or Ulan-Bator – Moscow. The end of May – beginning of June is a very nice time to travel to Russian cities and Mongolian desert.

The company offers different types of accommodation onboard but any of them are comfortable and suit all kind of customers.