Молодец! Чудесно! Замечательно! Food on board and in the cities was amazing! Sometimes there was too much to eat when we had lunch and supper in a city. All of the guides were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They really looked after us at all times and were all perfect. It would’ve been nice to have more free time in the cities. Also, it is a shame that the group remained segregated in language, as sometimes it would’ve been nice to talk to other people... Mehr Details →
Stuff did excellent job, no complains whatsoever. Could improve breakfast. Restaurant meals were excellent, couldn’t ask for more. Well done. The Imperial Russia Train was very generous with their customers. Thank you. Local guides were all very good, except too many details. Remember, we were on vacation. It was tiring. Be careful when communicating or plans change. I know it’s difficult when there’s a group of people. No big deal!!! V considerate, assessable, excellent +... Mehr Details →
Le Monatere Ganina Iama Yekaterinburg privu au programme n’a pas ete visite Ulan-Ude: Les 2 journees a bord sans excursion (19 et 20 Mai) Visite de 9 villes interessantes donnant un tres bon apercu de la Russie. Falip Martine & Falip Raoul
It was my first time in Russia and I enjoyed the trip so much, I want to come back!!! The staff on board are smiley and helpful at all times. All of the food was delicious but sometimes two meals in a restaurant in one day was too much food. We ate in some amazing places with fantastic views and got to try lots of local/Russian specialtices/delicacies. Very good quality but I might have to go on a diet now!! All of the guides were knowledgeable and... Mehr Details →
Особенно хочется отметить прекрасную организацию тура. На всем пути не было ни одного сбоя, все в срок, вовремя, без накладок. Живые цветы, чистое белье, моментальная помощь проводников при необходимости, их приветливость – делали атмосферу почти домашней. Всё вкусно, дружелюбный персонал, замечательно. Хочется отметить прекрасных гидов, особенно, в Казани, Иркутске, Хабаровске. Высокий профессионализм Эльвиры, ее забота, ответственность, делали поездку очень комфортной. Дружелюбность всех сотрудников –... Mehr Details →
Организация тура выше всех похвал! Все точно в срок, ни одной накладки. Комфортная постель, чистое белье, вежливые проводники, готовы помочь при любом обращении. Вкусная еда, красивая подача блюд, улыбчивый и дружелюбный коллектив, неподражаемая Ольга! Хорошие гиды, увлеченно, грамотно и доступно рассказывают о своем городе. Лучшие в Казани, Иркутске и, особенно, в Хабаровске. Эльвира — выше всех похвал! Профессионально, ответственно, с заботой о каждом туристе и, в то же время, ненавязчиво, создает комфортную дружескую атмосферу. Организация тура — это отлично,... Mehr Details →
I got the chance to spend my birthday in one of the most beautiful Russian cities. Suzdal and Vladimir are one-of-a-kind type of places that differ from Moscow a lot. You can literally inhale the history of these old cities and go back in time. All those churches, temples, monasteries and just architecture overall will leave you breathless. Also, people there are so nice and friendly, I felt like I was home. Thank you for an awesome birthday... Mehr Details →
It was a cool two-day trip during which we were able to visit the most authentic Russian cities and small towns. I’ve always been struck by the architecture of Russian churches and monasteries but, since I live in China, I didn’t have any chance to see this beauty with my own eyes. Thanks to the «Golden Ring» program, my dream came true and the image of the St. Sergius Trinity Lavra is now engraved in my heart and memory forever. Hope... Mehr Details →
We booked a trip from Moscow to Beijing on the «Imperial Russia» Train and, let me tell ya, it was one of the most spectacular experiences. Not only did we have the opportunity to learn Russian history and culture by visiting all those cities, but also had a high-quality service that definitely made this whole trip a lot more pleasant and comfortable. Thank you, guys, for such a warm welcome and care throughout the trip. Peace out! Hui... Mehr Details →
Vom 10. Januar bis zum 14. Januar 2018 nimmt unser Unternehmen an der internationalen Tourismusmesse Ferien-Messe Wien 2018 teil. Diese Veranstaltung gilt als einer der wichtigsten Ereignisse und ist der Treffpunkt für Reiseprofis aus der ganzen Welt. In diesem Jahr werden 850 Aussteller aus 80 Ländern und mehr als 150.000 Besucher erwartet. Der Ort und die Zeit für die Ausstellung sind nicht zufällig gewählt. Experten werden sich Anfang 2018... Mehr Details →
We arrived in Beijing on August 28 2017 for the start of our 15 day Trans-Siberian adventure. We had a couple of days in Beijing with organised tours & also some free time. We hadn’t been before so it was all new to us. The Great Wall was a must see & Tian Anmen Square. The train from Beijing is very basic make sure that you have plenty of bottled water with you to start your journey as we sat in our carriage for a long time... Mehr Details →
Don’t really know where to start from. In a nutshell, it was a blast. We had an amazing time during our trip from Vladivostok to Moscow on the «Imperial Russia» train. Russia is a beautiful country and travelling by train is a truly unique experience. Everyone who is contemplating whether it’s worth it or not — don’t you dare hesitate. We had a VIP cabin and the quality of service was very high. Everything was clean and spacious, meals were ample and versatile, vodka was... Mehr Details →
We spent a long time researching, planning and booking this trip of a lifetime. We were not disappointed. The decision to book directly with the Russian Railways tour operator (RZD) was clearly a great approach. We were working with the actual Tour Director, Elvira, who was so helpful in answer about 50 questions in very prompt email replies. A jewel of a person and a great staff to care for everyone one the trip. A most spectacular experience from start to finish. First... Mehr Details →
Thank you from NY! Dear, Thank you so much for the remarkable journey we shared! My groups were greatly appreciative of the first class service and attentiveness. Thank you again for all your efforts and hard work, your hospitality and professionalism was truly outstanding and raised the level of enjoyment for all of us. Warmest regards! Ann Roth USA
Russian Railway Tours has started sale for Trans-Siberian trips for 2017. Our popular routes Moscow – Vladivostok and Vladivostok – Moscow which give a chance to cross the whole Russia from the West to the East and to hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by will be operated in July – August. The trip... Mehr Details →
Russia is becoming a very attractive tourist destination and the number of people travelling to the most famous cities is constantly increasing. Taking this fact into consideration Russian Railway Tours created a new unique product for Russian and foreign tourists offering them a trip to Yaroslav, Kostroma, Vladimir and Suzdal by retro steam train. Last weekend the company organized a FAM trip to these... Mehr Details →
Russian Railway Tours starts to operate new one day trips from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk by a steam train of the middle of the 20th century. It is a unique possibility to travel from Moscow to Sergiev Posad, Tula and Yasnaya Polyana, Vladimir and Suzdal fast and comfortably. Unforgettable trips from St. Petersburg to famous Pavlovsk, Petergoff and Gatchina will be a highlight... Mehr Details →
Russian Railway Tours offers to regular and new clients to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day travelling by steam train to a farm, eating delicious food, drinking tea with traditional Russian sweets, dancing and having lots of fun all day! The tour gives a unique opportunity to travel to a real province to taste home-made milk and cheese, to participate in cooking steaks master class, to... Mehr Details →
Russian Railway Tours is participating in FITUR exhibition in Madrid 20–24 January 2016. Please meet us at stand 4C16. We will be presenting our Trans-Siberian trips by Imperial Russia Train (Moscow – Beijing, Beijing – Moscow, Moscow – Vladivostok, Vladivostok – Moscow) as well as new exclusive day trips from Moscow by steam train. These trips offer a unique possibility to visit the most... Mehr Details →
On October, 2 Russian Railway Tours participated in the official opening ceremony of the National tourist office VISIT RUSSIA in Germany. The ceremony took place in the hotel Rocco Forte de Rome Berlin. The General Director of the company presented the most popular tourist product of Russian Railway Tours a cruise train “Imperial Russia”. Russian Railway Tours also plans to take part the opening... Mehr Details →
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic met with Russian Railways CEO Oleg Valentinovich Belozerov on Tuesday and told that the Serbian side will remain open to any form of cooperation with the Russian Railway company in the future. A lot of work is ahead for us on implementing the much-needed project to upgrade Serbia's rail lines, Nikolic said, adding that Serbian trains can realistically be expected... Mehr Details →
Russian Railway Tours arranged the transportation on the route Behringersmuhle – Prague – Brest – Moscow – Irkutsk – Port Baikal – Irkutsk – Moscow for German railway employees and transport constructors from 29 August until 11 September 2015. As a part of this project a festive occasion was arranged in the Museum of Moscow Railway on 31 August. The representatives of German Museum... Mehr Details →
The Russian Railroad invited tenders for the project of high speed railroad from Moscow to Kazan in the middle of March. The length of the route is 770 km and it covers 7 regions with 25 million people living there. The project includes 15 stops on the way in cities like Vladimir, Nizhni Novgorod and Cheboksary. The average number of passengers in the first... Mehr Details →
The Russian Railroad can adopt the best practices from airlines and start selling cheap non-refundable train tickets. The Speaker of the Russian State Duma Mr. Naryshkin says that this innovation will be profitable for passengers as it gives a choice to them and makes it more convenient for both clients and the Railroad. Draft plan for the law which allows to decrease prices for... Mehr Details →
Russian Railway Tours has created two new routes on the famous Trans-Siberian Railroad and has already started sale for 2016. One of them is from Moscow to Vladivostok and with stopovers in the most beautiful places on the way: Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Ulan-Ude. The journey is two weeks of fascinating scenery and sightseeing, traditional Russian cuisine, entertaining programs and folk shows, dipping... Mehr Details →